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welcome to herrengedeck.net
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Fußstapfen - short film


Christoph Schuler strikes again;
and he seems to have more stuff cooking at the moment.
in order to see credits and stills of the film, check out the productions site of "Fußstapfen".

nn rockbuehne

a great concert series ended last saturday; hirsch, nuremberg, the final show of nn rockbuehne band contest; at that final show, only good bands had remained. really.

throughout the whole festival series, we´ve made some rough moving pictures. within the next few days you´ll find the videos of every single band on

congratulations to the winners, the fabulous "chefhupen" from dinkelsbuehl. nope, no kidding. that´s the bandname.
watch the video.


what the australians do:

vote here for our film "Elias und der Winter".

if you haven´t seen the film yet, better watch it on our site , not on the portable site;
god knows what they did with the film, and god knows why they did it...
a cool project though.

new showreel online

herrengedeck showreel 06 online.

Deutscher Jugendvideopreis (german youth video award)

well, rank 2 at the bundesfestival video (national video festival) for "elias und der winter"
thanks again to every member of the production.

more info: www.jugendvideopreis.de

tv report - Deutscher Jugendvideopreis (german youth video award)

a tv team from a youth magazin came to visit us, if you want to see it switch your telly on
on sunday, june 17th, 17.30h.
BR alpha, "blaateen"

the herrengedeck in front of a camera. well, we´ll see.

it`s a new baby: rebecca - short film


Christoph Schuler celebrates his debut as a director;
watch it on our shiny new movie player.
in order to see credits and stills of the film, check out the productions site of "rebecca".

site news

we´ve re-designed our movie player interface.
and the quality of the films has improved, since the world of technology has offered some new codecs. using a proper internet connection, streaming is much more fun now, too.

check it out. the films


Our shortfilm "Elias und der Winter" has been nominated for one nice award.:
- Deutscher Jugendvideopreis (german youth video award)


still here

we´ve been working on some more commercial projects, you may have realised our new customers area.
and don´t forget to check our festival dates from time to time (above, page-right).
the season starts again, there´s more to come.

site news

finally, the herrengedeck press portfolio no longer is coming soon.
and finally, our screening dates are found on the homepage (top-right).
and finally, our films can be viewed on herrengedeck.net. search for this
the films
and there is more to come, for sure.

Elias und der Winter - short


finally, our first short film is finished;

premier of "Elias und der Winter" will be on april 21st 2006, 19.00h
cinecitta cinema nuremberg.
for further information visit www.ohmrolle.de

in order to see credits and stills of the film, check out
the productions site of Elias und der Winter.

we´ve been busy


no news entry for a whole time. sorry for that.

the reason for this: we´ve produced our first short film. it´s going to be called
"elias und der winter",
and now we´re in the middle of postproduction.-

release is planned to be in the beginning of april 2006. further information on that one then.

take a look at the fotos of the freezing cold shoot, taken in the ending month of january this year.

uhm, hey, and thanks to each and everyone of the badass heroes who were there.

site facelift

some things have changed. check it out.

new showreel online

check out our productions section to download our new showreel or to order the herrengedeck productions dvd.

new fotos

we finally found some fotos featuring us. the herrengedeck in action.

herrengedeck goes film theater

well, the fabulous Rainer G. Ott, manager of the band kettcar invites to a special filmnight. all of the kettcar clips and other goodies will be shown.
since we´ve produced some of those clips, we´ll be there, too.

Zeise Kinos Hamburg, großer Saal
september 15th 2005, 22.30h

another kettcar note:
vote for kettcar as best national act for the mtv european music awards


herrengedeck.net finally has its own brandnew layout and now is really ready for use.


german mtv and intro are searching for the "intro - clip des monats" (intro-clip of the month) for may, which is a perfect chance to see one of our productions on "mtv spin" again.
vote now for "kettcar - deiche"

thanks for voting - kettcar has won! the video will be seen on "mtv spin" on monday, may 30th, 23.00h.


animago award
rank 1 at the animago awards for "N24 station ID", the first of so far three herrengedeck productions.

the second music video we´ve made for kettcar, a band from hamburg who obviously has its big year now in 2005, is finally done. the song´s called "deiche", and once again, we have a single-chart entry here... now the video is free for download at the official page
(on bottom of the page).